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Literary Analysis

There are two texts written by David Kherdian.One is called “That Day”.The other one is called “About That Day”.They are similar because they are about the same day.But they are different because of the amount of information that is provided.

The two texts by David Kherdian are similar because they are both about the same day.In the title of both texts,you can see that they both include the words “That Day”.The only difference is that one has an extra word which is “About”.So if they have a similar title then the texts must be similar too.Both texts tell about the day,the only day when Kherdian’s father joined his softball game.David Kherdian was very surprised.He was deeply touched by his father’s actions.Both texts are first point of views.In “That Day”,the words that show first point of view are “ my ”,“ we ”,and “ our ”.In “About That Day”,the words are “ I ”,“ I’m ”,“ we ”,and “ me ”.

The two texts by David Kherdian are different because of the information.In “That Day” there are less information that is given. But in “About That Day” there are more information and more details.In “About That Day” it gives more information about his relationship with his father.For example,in “Source 2” it says “In many ways my father and I were strangers to each other.In “Source 1” they don’t even include a background of their relationship in the beginning .Another example is in “Source 1” it says “Just once my father stopped on the way into the house from work and joined in the softball game we were having in the street…”. In “Source 2” there is more detail because it says “And then, one day, while walking home from work, along the street where we were playing a pick up game of softball,he stopped and either pitched the ball,or picked up the bat and tried to give the ball a hit”.It says what he does in the softball game in “Source 2”,but in “Source 1” it just says that he joined the game.

In conclusion, there are similarities and differences between the two texts written by David Kherdian.“That Day” and “About That Day” are similar because they have a similar title so they must be similar texts.Also there are both first point of views.They are different because one is longer and one is shorter.Also one has more details and is more explained.

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Argumentative Essay

Bullying is a very serious problem for kids and it’s the parents fault. One, bullying could affect a child’s mental health. Two, it could affect the child’s education. Lastly, their parents don’t connect with their child enough.So the child can end up being the bully.

Bullying is very serious and can be dangerous to kids. It affects their mental health. Children can become depressed and then leading them to become suicidal. According to ”USA Today” the Center for disease control and prevention made a report covering 2007 through 2017 that 17% of high school students are bullied and around 7% attempted suicide.

It can also affect them in school. According to ”Public School Review” an estimated amount of 160,000 students don’t go to school in a day because of their fear of being bullied. Also students who are bullied get low grades and don’t participate enough in class as other students. So they show less academic improvement because of the fear of standing out.

Lastly, the parents don’t connect with their child enough. So that can cause the children to become the bullies.”Parents should have an open dialogue with the child” to feel comfortable to share his/her feelings without any judgement according to “Source 2”. Having direct conversations with your child should not make him/she feel insecure. Parents should be there child’s role model to look up to. Parents should have a stronger relationship with their child.

Bullying is a very serious problem and it’s the parent’s fault. It affects the mental health, making the child have depression. Then they can become suicidal. Also it affects their education, many students don’t go to school because of their fear of being bullied. Finally most importantly the parents are who to blame for bullying. They don’t give enough attention to their child so they can become the bully. So now you should agree that bullying harms children because of the parents.

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Argumentative Speech

Should people own exotic animals? No people should not own exotic animals.I have three reasons.One,the exotic animals can cause harm to the public.Two,they allow people to trade them.Lastly,they require special care that needs hard work.Even though there are some benefits,there are also some drawbacks.

People should not own exotic animals. In  ”Let People Own Exotic Animals”, they could be family pets and be loving. But they could have some harmful diseases.Here is one of they many reasons they harm people. According to ”Born Free USA” Salmonellosis is a disease that affects a lot of people and is very dangerous.The salmonella infection is caused when people eat after not washing their hands correctly after dealing with a reptile or touching something a reptile had contact with.The salmonella bacteria can cause severe headaches,fever,nausea,and more.It could also cause death to mostly young children and elders.The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that people should not have reptiles as pets.

People should not own exotic animals.These animals can be used for when their kind is extinct and could be really helpful.They are allowed to be traded by people so they could be harmed .A 2003 federal law banned the transport of some big cats which stopped much of the trade.But that only includes big cats,how about the other exotic animals.People are allowed to exhibit animals but they need a federal license according to ”Wild Animals Aren’t Pets”.Many states don’t require one.So,they would have exotic animals without permission and they would be able to trade.

Lastly,exotic animals require special care.As said in ”Chicago Tribune” its very different when owning an exotic animal.It takes a lot of hard work so you must learn about the animal before buying one.They need specific care.To survive they need their surroundings to be the correct temperature.They have different sleep schedules because they might be nocturnal.They need specific food that they would eat if they were in the wild.Many of the exotic animals won’t show symptoms when they are sick so you would have to watch them carefully.

To summarize, exotic animals should not be owned as pets.They harm people.They are allowed to be traded and also harmed.They need special care.Requires a lot of hard work and time.So they could harm you and you could harm them as well.There is some benefits but you have to think about drawbacks most importantly.

Wild Animals Aren’t Pets by USA Today

Let People  Own Exotic Animals by Zuzana Kukol


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Youth Violence


Has youth violence affected your life ? Do you know the causes of youth violence ?What could you do to prevent youth violence ? Well me personally, no but to other people it has. One cause of youth violence is poverty. To prevent youth violence you should and tell people to spend more time with your family. 

Youth violence have to affected my life. But it did to a six-grader named Chedaya. According to ‘’ Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia ‘’ Chedaya has experienced youth violence. Chedaya got a new pair of shoes and another girl in her class liked them as much as she did. So one day they both met up in a park and the girl wanted to fight Chedaya . Some of  Chedaya’s braids were pulled out, she was punched in her stomach legs , face, and her head was hurt badly . When that was happening another student was recording it and that video was shared to other people. Chedaya’s mom Catina came to the school to see her daughter scared and injured. Catina took Chedaya to CHOP’s Emergency Department. She had head injuries and wounds. 

There are some causes of youth violence. First, there is poverty. In my opinion, if someone is poor then maybe they would try to steal to get the thing can’t afford but that’s only some people. According to ‘’ Pacific Standard ’’ an article written by Lauren Kirchner states the results of a frequent study by Mike Males show that teenage poverty is most to blame for teenage crime . Second, another cause of youth violence is gangs. A gang is a group of people joined together to cause violence, also children could join gangs too. Based on what I found in ‘’ Proceduresonline ‘’ an organized criminal group is led by an adult for personal gangs . The gang members get young people and adults to sometimes make them sell drugs instead of themselves because they have a risk of detection. Those young people or adults go missing and sometimes travel to different towns. Lastly, another cause of youth violence is the media. There is violence in movies, games , and more. According to ‘’ Psychiatic Times ‘’ an article written by Arline Kaplan 2 teenage boys murdered a teacher, 12 schoolmates, and 21 others at Columbine High School. After that they ended up killing themselves. It was because they played violent video games. This tragedy happened in 1999 and the FBI, a team of psychiatrics, and psychologists found that they were both mentally ill. One teenage boy was a psychopath, the other was depressive and suicidal. But also they had obsessions with violent imagery on movies and video games. That led them to murder all those people. 

There are some ways to prevent youth violence. One of the two ways I know is to spend time with your family. Your family should not any violence according to  ‘’Children’s Safety Network ‘’. If there is violence between the parents then the children ‘’are at risk of serious mental health and other problems’’. You could also go to programs that are helpful and that prevent youth violence. 

As you can see, youth violence is dangerous. Youth violence can affect your life. Like it did to six-grader Chedaya. There are many causes of youth violence. I have three but there are more, they are poverty, gangs, and the media. But you could reduce youth violence. The other one is to spend time with your family without any violence and going to helpful programs.

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Piano Slam

My ocean,what a soothing tempo

When you’re in it,

you just want to let go

The soft decrescendo in an ocean

It seems like there is no motion

It almost feels like you’ve drank a potion

What guides me in the ocean,is the forte

It takes me the right way

As if I’m on a sleigh

My music,what soft dynamics

It feels so classic

It does not make me panic

What great technique is vibrato

That is used on a piano

It makes me want to say bravo

When I make notations

I have temptations

That could lead to creations

Miami,where dolphins communicate in a high pitch

Where you have relaxation at the beach

because it’s so enrich

Filled with people who love to dance

with every chance,

and you would see that in every glance

When you pass by

You see the palm trees that are so high

They almost seem like they are in the sky.

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Earth is a wonderful place

That we all should embrace

Providing food

that will get everyone in a happy mood

Providing water

that is filled in about three quarters

Providing carbon dioxide

and without it we could all die

Providing a home

for all of us to roam

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Performance Task

Do you know any wild animals from the west? Well from researching I’ve found two. One is the coyote or the canis latrans. The other animal is the mule deer. What I’ve noticed in my research is that the coyote is one of the predators of the mule deer. If you want to know more about these two animals, read on !

One animal that lives in the west in the coyote. The coyote population goes from 55-60 million. They weigh from 20-50 pounds.The coyotes live in forests, deserts, prairies, and swamps. They normally live up to 14 years. Coyotes can run up to 40 miles. The coyotes hunt fish, rabbits, deer, and rodents. They also eat snakes, fruit, insects, and grass. They do hunting alone or even in pairs but rarely in packs, only is their prey is big and help is needed. Since coyotes are solitary creatures they mark their territory with urine. Coyotes hunt during night so they are nocturnal.They are threatened by their predators which are wolves, bears, cougars, and other coyotes. They don’t just face their predators but they have competitions for food, have parasites, diseases, and humans. Coyotes can get killed by busy roads and the passing vehicles.

The other animal that lives in the west is the mule deer. The mule deer population is 4.2 million from 2016 to 2018. Mule deer weigh between 130-280 pounds but the females weigh less. They live in mountain forests, desert regions, and wooded hills. In the wild, mule deer can live up to 9-11 years. They are herbivores. So they eat twigs, leaves, shrubbery, grasses, vines, and mushrooms. Their predators are mountain lions, bobcats, bears, coyotes, humans, and eagles. Mule deer have a 310 degree view around themselves so they can see a predator up too 600 meters away.

As you can see, I’ve listed two animals from the west. One of them is the coyote or the canis latrans. The other is the mule deer. They both have threats to their lives. The coyote is an omnivore. The mule deer is a herbivore.

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”How Smart Are Animals?”

Do you know the author’s purpose in ”How Smart Are Animals?” ? Well, it is to inform. One example why it is to inform is because it is telling the readers about animal intelligence. Another example is because it gives examples about other experiences about animal intelligence. If you want a better explanation, read on.

The authors’s purpose in this text (”How Smart Are Animals?”) is to inform. The author is informing the audience about animal intelligence. For example, the author spoke about bird intelligence. A scientist spent time studying what birds said. That scientist noticed that the birds don’t always respond the same ways. In lines 175-176 it says ”…realized that the long call was actually so individualized that it helped distinguish one bird from another!”. So, it means that the birds have social interactions.

As you can see, the author’s purpose is to inform in ”How Smart Are Animals?”. It informs the readers about animal intelligence. An example is that it gave an example of bird intelligence. Birds use social interactions. They used that to distinguish one bird from another

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The Basement

gray house with fireplace surrounded by grass under white and gray cloudy sky
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In 1970, the Smith family moved into a house on the edge of a cliff. It was a family of three. Two parents and a 10-year old boy. One month later, the family was missing. Now almost 50 years later, a new family has moved in. The Wilson family were the first to move in since 1970. Coincidentally, it was a family of three. Two parents and a curious 13-year old boy. It was all completely normal until one day something happened. The boy Noah found a hidden basement. He opened the door and found many dusty boxes and old furniture from the past owner. But something interested Noah. It was a small box with a lock. In order to open the box Noah needed to find the key. After several hours of searching, he found the key that matched the lock. He then noticed that it said ” Warning, Do Not Touch”. But as curious as he is, he opened the box. As soon as he opened it he heard many strange noises. So, he closes it immediately afterwards. Later that night Noah woke up from his nap and heard noises coming from the basement. He thought it was his parents but then remembered that they didn’t come back from work. He walked down to the basement and saw two men he didn’t recognized. They said ”Your parents are not coming back”. Noah thought he was hallucinating so he went back to sleep. The next morning he woke up to no parents. He remembered what his so called hallucinations said so he ran back to the basement. He opened the box and turned around and saw a strange women. This strange women said ”If you don’t want to be missing too, listen carefully”.”You have to get the box, lock it, then throw it out somewhere where it is hidden”. He had no other option so he trusted her. So he did as the women said and threw the box off the cliff where there was water. When he turned around crying wishing for his parents, they we’re there. The Wilson family moved out the next day to live happily in their new home. Months later, scuba divers were swiming underneath the cliff and discovered this small box.

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Dogs don’t just have a good heart,

but they are smart,

Dogs can be trained,

even though some are chained.

english cocker spaniel puppy sitting on ground beside grass
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Dogs can help people who are blind ,

Because they are just so kind,

Fire dogs help guard the equipment

As you can see dogs are brilliant.

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